Marketing in India

This course will use the opportunity to flesh out the framework for the “new” economy and marketing thinking in Indian context. This course complements the traditional course in marketing and economy.

The objectives of the course are to:
- Learn the role of marketing in overall corporate planning process
- Address how the Indian environment is changing and its impact on the marketing strategy formulation and outcomes
- Understand Indian customer mindset and various contemporary marketing domains in Indian context


This class will use a variety of teaching styles to cover the important questions related to the analysis and formulation of marketing and finance. Some of these themes will be covered via a lecture, discussions of the assigned readings and others based on case discussions. Preparation and participation by students is an essential component of the course, and is graded accordingly. The classes will be run as seminars, each session covering about 90 minutes. During this time a detailed review of the assigned reading(s) will be used to provide an introduction to the relevant issues and an overview of the tools and techniques pertinent for the topic. The remainder of the session will be devoted to either a case discussion or a hands on exposure to the issues covered in the first half. Students are expected to come to the class prepared to contribute meaningfully to the class discussions. To allow us to explore the issues to be covered in some detail, we plan to break you into groups and assign you specific roles for the case discussions. Your group might play the role of the consulting firm that has been asked to prepare a list of recommendations – with more than one group playing the role. Other groups might play the role of the managing team that will critique the recommendations. The class discussions would then attempt to summarize the learning from these presentations. This is an unusual way to analyze the cases, but it might help to tradeoff depth of coverage against the amount of material that we would expect us to cover in the short time.

Class Schedule

Session 1: Socio-cultural and Business environment in India
Session 2: Indian Economy: Past, Present and Future
Session 3: Indian Market Segmentation
Session 4: Indian Consumer Insights and Customer Value
Session 5: India Rural and Marketing to 4B
Session 6: Indian Distribution Systems
Session 7: India Organized Retail
Session 8: India FMCG Sector
Session 9: Sales management : An Indian Context
Session 10: Understanding Marketing Strategies for India


DOCENTE: Rajeev Kumra Institute of Indian Management, Lucknow.